Friday, 1 February 2008

Is this the world we live in? -3

On retrospect, about yesterday, i was given a different perspective. ( note i didn't write given by whom). When someone called and is upset, doesn't mean that he/she is right. I , for one, always tend to give in or pacify that person when the person is upset or angry. But in actual fact, i am the one who is right.
Just like the incident yesterday. Someone picked up the phone call who was upset about the way it was written. In actual fact, there was nothing wrong with the way it was written. I have also verified with head of  clinical governance, who make sure the service provided by NHS is safe, said he didn't think there was anything blaming or anything wrong with the way the article was written. But instead of telling the upset lady that we will take into account what she said and seek another view, "someone" immediately apologised and said it has been overlooked and it's a learning bla bla bla.
Initially i thought this is fine, not until i was told that it's not. Why should we be apologising when it's not wrong at all? Being the position of someone, why can't the someone stand up for what it's right. By apologising, it's admitting that we have written it in the wrong way, also, in the grand scheme of things, it's the one and only complaint. The someone, after receiving one and only complaint, got panicked and edgy about it , and said we have to change the way we do things.
Is this right?
On a related note, this word "manipulation" has been on my mind. The more i observe the world around me, the more i think that human beings are just so manipulative. We have learned from experience what works and what doesn't, so we stroke and feed on what works to get what we want.
Being upset and expressive about it is one way of manipulation. For the someone who is by nature afraid of conflict and upsetting others, that definitely is the way to get through him.
Beware, we are living in a world where words have become the tool of manipulation. I was told that in the bible, the tower of babel, human beings wanted to build their own kingdom with words. It was a bit deep for me to comprehend, but slowly, it is making sense. As in my previous entries, people manipulate their words, and tell lies, to create the impression, image that they want. Their words may not be the truth. One my colleagues is playing the manipulation game. Beneath the mask of manipulation, is the thirst and hunger for power and controlling others.
Is the world telling me  that being agressive is what you need to get what you want?
Is the world telling me that manipulation is the way to climb up the ladder ?

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