Friday, 1 February 2008

50 pence plus lots of time = magic portion

Last Saturday, after i finished my work at 1 pm. I was contemplating whether i should head home to sleep, or meet my friend Jason to catch up after one year. He could only make it for coffee at 3 pm. I thought i should head home. I walked to the tube station and changed my mind when the thought of my eyeshadow creasing every Sunday came to me.

I applied layers of eyeshadow and after few hours, you can see the horrible lines , dividing your skin and eye shadow. Yes my eyeshadow doesn't last.

So what is the solution? How do you make your eyeshadow last ? The answer is .. ....*ta da* The magic portion: Eye primer. So far, the best one around is the one by Urban decay.

The package is really like a genie in a bottle. You apply the primer before you apply your eyeshadow. The primer has two functions:

1. Your eyeshadow will stay put, it lasts from dawn to dusk
2. It will enhance the eyeshadow colour

So, for the hunger of that magic portion, i went to a southbound tube, instead of a northbound. I decided to use my "house of fraser"(a departmental store on oxford street) voucher from my wedding gifts. I had £10 voucher and the portion costs £9.50. So i walked around for hours looking for other items that i could top up, as i thought that 50 pence was not refundable. Not neccessarily 50 pence worth item, but something that i can top up with the cash, instead of letting house of fraser take away my 50 pence.
So i hang around, enjoying the scene in house of fraser:

people queueing to get their eyebrow thread, yes, instead of plucking your eyebrow, the asians pulll the thread on the eye brow and you eyebrow will get trimmed.

- Me getting a free makeup by Givenchy because they wanted to sell they £25 eyeshadow, which i am not willing to spend, but i got inspired by the colour they used on my lid

- people got tempted into buying a£75 hair straightener, yes, it works via ions and it doesn't dry your hair.

Well you can guess that enjoying doesn't take long. Desperate to not let houes of fraser take away my 50 pence change, i wander around and kept my eyes open for items that would tempt me into spending the other two £10 voucher i had. After few hours of looking and wondering how to use my £30 vouchers in total, instead of £9.50, i still didn't see anything that i like.

So after hours of walking and walking, i finally paid for my magic portion. Wa la, i was given a 50 pence change!

*Duh* if i knew it earlier, i would have left after the enjoying the view and head straight home. I finally reached home at 4 pm after spending 2 .5 hours at that departmental store, reluctant to let go of my 50 pence.

I gained my 50 pence but lost my precious time! Silly me

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