Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The 5 limit

To me, i think kids are adorable when they first able to complete a sentence, which is between the age of 2-4. Maximum age 5 when you can converse with them. Age 4 and 5 is the why age, why this, why that, why do you say why..
My niece, Shovan is 3.5 years old who can dance and sing and entertain herself and me in the 2 hours drive from KL to tanjung sepat..She is smart too, she can open a photo file in a computer, not those on the desktop, but those that are few folders away from the main folder .. no kidding.. even i was shocked

A model by profession
One my my favourite expression
the dancing queen
The sweet smile
The "E" smile, just like her aunt
The blur look

Initially i wanted a boy, if i am pregnant, which i am not at the moment. But boys are active and they can't sit still. A girl, a pen and paper, they can sit and draw.I think one has to be physically fit and with stamina to have a boy, that's just my theory.


  1. yikyu5:48 am

    she looks so much like you....her expression...cute...

  2. Yeah she does, doesn't she.. ha ha.. she is just so cute.. you must meet her some day ha

  3. yikyu4:54 pm

    ya did met her during ur wedding last time remember...


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