Friday, 18 January 2008

My new found excitement

Well it's finally here, all the months of waiting.
*drum roll*
I started my make up for bridal and special occasion evening certified courses last night with London academy of media, TV and film!!!
I was so excited, i check through the list of essential ingredients for this course , make sure i got the right direction etc.. and i reached there on time.
My teacher is very humurous and scary too. Her sense of humour is the same type when you watched any american series. She is an american. Her classic humour:
1. Her name is maryellen, not mary, not ellen, but maryellen.
"Well just look at me, (with her american accent) do i look like a mary to you? Mary is placid, nice, polite, well mannered. Well i am not. You can blame my mum for it. She insisted all my friends to call me maryellen since i was young. So don't call me mary, i won't respond because i am not Mary"
gotta rush to my class... updatae later

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