Saturday, 26 January 2008

My new found excitement 3 : sultry eyes

Following my previous excitement, i had another surprise. Yesterday was a lesson on sultry eyes. My teacher explained the difference between sultry and smoky eye. Although both starts with s and end with y, they are not the same. The most notable difference is that smoky eyes really look like you have been in a fire, and it's a lot darker underneath the eyes, meaning the line lower eyelid and lower waterline (the most inner line of your eye). Sultry is milder.

Apparently, as far as the explanation from my teacher goes, the story behind smoky eyes is that a woman has been to "fire". Fire in inverted commas because it implies "the activity" that a man and a woman do. So as a result, the eyeshadow becomes smudgy , and the lips are pale in colour because the lipstick is all gone from too much kissing. Also, the look needs a full lip gloss to make it look full and swollen, from too much kissing. Of course, the cheeks are quite light for the same reason. So, in other words, its a sexy look, again begins with s and ends with y.Now i know the story behind smoky/sultry eyes.

As a matter of fact, this look doesn't suit everyone. You can have the best make up but when you do it on the wrong person, who wears the wrong outfit, your effort is in vain. The purpose of make up is to flatter someone. So as a make up artist, you have to look at your client and decide which look will flatter her most. On a related note, it usually doesn't go well with chinese oriental eyes. The reason behind the almond shape of our eyes. By emphasing the eys, it doesn't go well with people who have very narrow face or chin. They will look like alien, quoting the exact term that my teacher used.

After her demonstration, we went and have a go on each other. Sophie a 19 yr who did mine did a fantastic job, as you can tell from the photo. I wasn't bad too. My teacher likes both of our work on each other. So i was quite satisfied. The sense of satisfaction is something i have been missing, from my job. I was really pleased with myself last night.

I wanted to master the skills so i rubbed one eye off, and worked on myself on the other. I spent an hour just on one eye. It's not easy at all. Come to think of it, i wouldn't walk on the street with that "magnified-panda-eyes" anyway. It's the sense of achievement and challenge that i enjoy!
Albert insisted that i should smile, and not look so cool!

I don't think that panda eyes suits me. Anyway,for the first time, i learnt how to extract the photo from background using extract tool. Spent 1.5 hour just to do that. I don't highlight very well, mainly because i have shaky hands. My first smoky look and my first photoshop lesson.

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