Friday, 25 January 2008

My new found excitement -2

I have started my evening make-up course for bridal and special occasion. The plan was to go through this course and maybe make it a side income, doing things that i really enjoy, as a sideline. Not sure about the possibilities, but that was the plan anyway.

Regardless, i can say, this is only one thing that i look forward too. Since i don't look forward to work, so my emotional well being do depend on this hobby to keep my sanity. Needless to say , i depend on Christ for survival.

I have had three lessons so far.First lesson was basic make up, second face shape correcting, lip and eyeliner techniques. I am quite fortunate that i don't have to spend lots of money on the tools etc and the make up , as i have all, if not most of them. Being greedy, i was tempted to buy an eye-shadow palette with 130 colours. But i parked that for now, as i have all the essentials. Today we are going to learn about sultry eyes.I personally don't think it goes well with chinese oriental eyes, but we shall see.

I have stopped my korean lesson because there wasn't enough student to start a class last term and i need to save a bit of money. Jazz piano i am still thinking about it now, whether i should resume or admit to the fact that i am just so tuned to real jazz, those herbie hancock type of jazz, not those blues-jazz that you normally listen to, like norah jones. Still thinking.

I like feeling excited about things. I found that growing up and being adult has made me less excited. Maybe it's my job that is dulling my senses, or maybe it's my complacency. I am excited about being excited.I look forward to fridays, the day i have my make-up lessons.

I do ask myself why there's not a lot that excites me nowadays. Have i become too comfortable or have i blunt my senses? Have i forgotten to look at the blue sky, smell the flowers, feel the petals. There was once when i was feeling extremely down the moment i stepped into office, and my colleague greeted me with a smile. At that instance, my heart was warmed.

Upon reflection, there wasn't much moments like those.
Have i been forgetful? Or
have i been too busy rushing my way to register? or
my heart has been too crowded with other things to make room for what is really important

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  1. Shyan Yih4:56 am

    wow, i feel that way too. i do frequently wished that i was 16 again and not having a care in the world. where i have soooooo much of time to just sit and watch the world go by. lying on the field and watches the clouds go by........smelling the roses by the road(in UK)....i trully, trully misses all that.....and i don't like to have to remind myself regularly that i am blessed to have a job as it puts bread on the table....i want to enjoy what i do....but it just seems soooooo hard to far....i feel for you sista. let's pray harder and knock harder....maybe even wrestle for Him to bless us. I don't know what else to do except for what Jacob did.


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