Tuesday, 29 January 2008


took me quite a while to actually fall asleep the other night. So i started to think about my wonderful memories. I couldn't remember anything from 0-5 years old. The memories that flashed were those from the photos taken when i was at that age. Primary school, memories were very vague.I could remember my teachers, my classmates, their faces, but not the details of what i actually do. Definitely didn't have much wonderful memories from that bracket. I then travelled myself to secondary school. Besides studying and hanging out with my close friends during break, there wasn't much. I didn't talk on the phone for ages with guys, or with my girlfriends.

As i was on my bed, thinking and trying to capture those happy moments, i realised that there wasn't much. what is happy i asked myself. I realised, i have more wonderful moments as i grew older. Maybe i have learnt to appreciate more.

As i looked back, i wasn't a happy child, deep inside me. As i reflect, i come to realise that i wasn't happy because i wanted more. I was there and i wanted more, so time flew by and i not only didn't have more, i have even lost those that i had in the beginning.

Is it wrong to want more? Will getting more make me happier?

Having gone through my journey so far, the answer is a no so far.

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