Wednesday, 30 January 2008

is money everything

A job came up in the neighbouring organisation. Six thousand pounds more, yes £6000, more for the same job i am doing.So what is stopping me ?The manager. My close friend is working there now and he is leaving end of next month. He didn't enjoy working with his manager.
What is worst? less pay or manager whom you can't get along with? 
Another way of looking at it: since i am not getting satisfaction from my job anyway, why not get paid more for doing the same thing?
Jason said he would want my job anytime. Are you out of your mind Irene? You want to trade off money and time for challenge.
Nick said no harm going for it, and it every much depends whether will i live happily everafter with that extra 6k.
Albert said at least that will help for the mortgage.
This very much brings to the question i have been thinking these few days: Is money everything?
I know it's a tradeoff between the money, and the quality of my working life. Although i always moaned about my current job, my manager is Mr. Nice, hence explain the liberty i have during my working hours.Althought there's not much career development here, i am free to do what i want to do. Working hours are flexible. I can turn up anything i want, as long as i make up the hours.
Money? or comfort?
Having said that, i may not even get through the short listing, or i may not get the job eventually. My instinct tells me i won't get the job, mainly because i don't want the job bad enough, and i guess, it does show in interview , however i fake it.
Whatever it may be, i think i will still put in the paper and go through this exercise.

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