Wednesday, 23 January 2008

We are living in the world of LIES-part 3

Let me draw you a diagram of my team, a very small team :

character One: MR A - my manager , head

Character Two: Iriny- pharmacists
Character Three : V- pharmacist who have seconded to the neighbouring team, same floor, into practice based commissioning PBC,
used to be the deputy head
Character Four W- pharmacist who have been seconded to another hospital
Character Five T- our data analyst

Now i am the only pharmacist working in the team.

Another saga. Yesterday at 12 pm, V, who has moved to PBC, got a request from a GP asking for some prescribing data. She was the EX-advisor of the GP. So, she e-mailed the whole world, the GP, T-our data analyst and A my manager and put T on the spot by asking if it's okay for her to churn out the data withing the next 3 hours.

Sounds okay? This is my interpretation of the event:

No, it's not okay,
because she should have checked whether T has the capacity to do it, before she actually speak to the GP. It's wrong to write to the GP that she will try and get the data by tonite. Telling T that "i will walk you through this" has implied that she has answered on behalf of T that she was going to do it. What does this "is it okay " mean? Is it okay to do it? or Is the intructions clear? I have already sent a report to the same GP earlier on.

At 6 pm , T was still staying back because she has to produce that report, just because some GP couldn't find his own data which we have sent him. So when V came over for the data, i pointed out that we can't be doing this in the future. We should say it nicely to the GP that we will do it this time, but there is no guarantee that we can do this in such short notice in the future. We are already very thin on the ground, T is already very behind in her work. She can't afford to stop all her work, and work on such request and turn around in such a short time.

She defended by saying. 1) she cc-ed A into the e-mail, who is T's manager, so she said that since she cc-ed A into the e-mail. A is responsible of T's workload.
2) She did ask T if it's okay in the e-mail. If T can't do it, she can speak up
3) there is no need to put that line in about short notice to the GP

Really? When you read the e-mail, is the message being conveyed in e-mail the same as what she said when she defended herself? Why can't she own up to her mistake or ignorance in this case or at least acknowledge that?

The truth is : 1) A, the manager, wasn't around that time to be the judge, or middle man, or 3rd impartial party
2) She wasn't around, she went to meeting after she sent the e-mail, so even if T can't do it, there's no way of communicating to her
3) Now that she has left our team, it's basic courtesy for an external person to come and ask politely whether we can or will actually do the task, before getting back to the GP. She is in no position to make any decision on our behalf and actually have this conversation by cc-ing the whole world into it.
4) She has put me on the spot before in meeting, in front of everyone, to ask me if i could write up a proposal. I was very naive then, just like T in this case, to nod my head, because she caught me off guard and i was too innocent to say no in meeting. Of course, i have learnt my mistake.

Am i asking too much? This is basic courtesy. She has left the team, and she should stop bossing us around like she used to. She is just so insensitive, dominant. The whole world revolve around her.Well, trust me, she knows that. She always admit that she is dominant, ambitious, task-oriented. Of course, when i tell this story, it's just a one-off, but behind my interpretation of this event is an accumulation of all my dealings with her day in day out for the past 2 years. That is very classic of her.

T eventually finished the report at 6 pm. She also wrote an e-mail to V that in the future, it would be good to check with her before replying to the GP and should check with her in private, instead of putting her on the spot.

Result: V left with a sulky face. V is a senior manager and still acting like a kid. PLus, when being confronted, she wasn't truthful.

p.s: twisting words and not conveying what your true intention is also considered as lies

As i am writing this, i did ask myself whether i am overacting. I don't know the answer, but for the past three days, this has been a recurring theme for me.

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