Thursday, 17 January 2008

Food for thought

“Somewhere we know that without a lonely place our lives are in danger.

Somehow we know that without silence words lose their meaning,

that without listening speaking no longer heals,

that without distance closeness cannot cure.”

(Out of Solitude, Notre Dame, IN: Ave Maria Press, 2004, p.18)


Highlighted by Brother Soo-Inn tan in graceatwork.Org

Very profound paradox.

Been also thinking about dreams and death.

People dream about their loved ones after they passed away.

Is that a projection of  their emotional being, missing him/her? Or,

He/she(who passed away)  has crossed the gate, and enter into eternity?

Can they really communicate to us?

Or is it just plan chemicals in the brain, like how they explain dreams.. just a projection of our subconscious.

Some non-christians burn the paper bungalow and currencies to them, can they really receive it?

If they can receive it, does that mean they are NOT in heaven?

If they say they are lonely, does that mean there are not in heaven? Because according to my believe system, there is no tears, no loneliness in heaven, no sufferings.

If there are no answers to this, should I be thinking of these things?

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