Friday, 25 January 2008

Reflecting on emotional display

After having few trigger of my emotional balance, my working week is coming to and end, hence i decided to cool down and reflect. Over the past few days i have been praying and have decided to resume my Thursday appointment with God specifically. Other ppl call it meditation or solitude.

God has been answering me as well.

Looking back at my frustration with imperfect people in a imperfect world, with the big Imperfect ME, i was reminded by the word of god to FORGIVE. As i pray for my work place and myself, there is a strong impression to pray for those people whom i don't really like and i was asked to forgive them.

I did. That was mid week. Although after my forgiveness, sometimes it does playback on my mind and came back to haunt me, i forgive again and remind myself that

we are all in this together
we are all pots calling the kettle black
we are imperfect people living in imperfect world, yet expecting perfection

That i think pretty sums up my frustration, because i see things that doesn't quite fit into my picture of perfection , and therefore demand perfection from imperfect beings.

As much as this society being performance driven and task oriented, I am in a different world, the world of Christ where God is more interesting in my being than my doing.

My reaction towards event reflect the kind of person i am. All these events and imperfect people around me serve as a reflection of the imperfect me. There is no "i am better than her or i won't do such thing, only she will" . When you are really face in the circumstances, you would be surprise at youself. If only you have that awareness in the first place. .

Food for thought : should we show our emotions and weaknesses in public?

Some said we need to learn how to show our emotions and weaknesses in a controlled manner
Another said be angry but do not sin
Another said self control is the key here
another said we show our emotions all the time, angry, sad, happy etc..
another said: get on with it, there is no time for feeling frustration or negative about it, channel those energy into something positive (obviously a man speaking here)if we are not meant to display our emotions and weaknesses, is that hypocritical? is the working environment making us robots?

should we always say what we feel?

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