Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Bert's blog on job satisfaction

for some reason, i stumbled across bert's blog and something caught my eye: Job satisfaction. He was right, we yearn to make a difference in life and make an impact in the society. Our job, unfortunately , is involved in too much bureaucracy and politics that blur our vision.

It's in following Christ that these meaningless takek on new meaning.

These few days i did have the impression that my life is about God, not me. I have been so weak recently, that i could hardly survive myself in this world, not to mention, help others and encourage others. More so, i was reminded to "preserve" this world from moral and values decay and to be a blessing to others. People should benefit from my existence , or rather,blessed by my existence and life.

Really? Is that really the case? Can God use ME? yes the Me who moans and the me who only thinks about her satisfaction.

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