Thursday, 10 January 2008

Albert's letter to his brother, Ming Fai

My Prayer and vision for Fai,

On 6th Jan 2008, while Irene and I were standing next to my younger Fai 's body and feeling very sad about his departure, I was glad that Irene and I received the same vision during our prayers. Our Father told us that it was His Grace to take away Fai and Fai suffered no pain. I prayed to our Father that I will do everything to please Him and for Fai 's salvation.

I prayed for Fai by his side on 6th and 7th Jan 2008: I prayed that our Father Lord to love his dear son Fai, to renew his spirit and to let his spirit rest in peace in Our Father 's Heaven. I asked our Father to convey my prayers to Fai and asked Fai to say 'yes ' to accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour and to believe in our Father is the only God. I asked Fai to pray for himself, his families and wife Yan, so that his families and Yan will receive the salvation and become Christians.

On 7th Jan 2008, I told Fai that I was always proud of him and love him dearly. Fai was always the best son in our family, I left a white rose in Fai's coffin and said good bye to Fai's body in tears.

On 8th Jan 2008, I am glad that my mum, sisters and Yan are at peace with Fai's departure. Fai is always part of us in spirit and in flesh. I am hopeful that our Father listens to my prayer for Fai and teaches Fai to worship Him and pray for us in Heaven.

On 9th Jan 2007, Irene and I returned to UK, we found the pictures of Fai at our Wedding ( 10th June 2007 ) last night. There was a picture with Fai bowing his head and prayed together with us at our wedding. It is a blessing that Our Father allow us have this blessed moment captured and to remember Fai was with us in prayer in the church. I will continue to pray for Fai 's spirit to trust and faithful in God, and pray that Fai 's spirit rests peacefully in Our Father's Heaven and smiling at us in Heaven.

With love to my dearest brother Fai,

God bless Fai's spirit.



Phil 4:6-9 on 10th Jan 2008 at 10am.

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