Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Please tell me it's a dream

I wish i am in a dream. I hope it's not true, or a mistake. Or the body was not his. Or he's actually away, and not really what we thought it was. Maybe the police made a mistake too, they were confused about the identity...
Why? Why give me something and take that away? Why is there life and then death? Why is there existence in the middle?
Albert, my husband's brother, ie my brother-in-law died of car accident last week on 25th November 2007.
We are very  much in pain and grief, and tearful. Everything seems to remind us of his brother, his only younger brother. The sunglass, his favourite chivas that he drinks etc..  A lot of guilt too.. we should have called him more often... should have done this ... etc...
It's painful because it was unexpected. It just blew us away. We also wanted to join him, What's the point of living i asked myself. What's this whole existence and whole thing about. What's the point of living when you know that the life that you live right not is not eternal? It has no meaning... it only has meaning when you know that there is something that is eternal..
right now, i have to be strong and stop myself for tearing. I have to be strong for my husband. I am sure he is much more pain than i am ...


  1. little voice8:03 pm

    feel sorry to hear that. Hope you both are alright. Take care okay...

  2. Anonymous1:56 pm

    My deepest sympathy to you and Albert. May the love of God see you through this difficult time

  3. little bean6:48 am

    Sorry to hear that...both of you are in prayers....God will grant you wisdom and strength and send you angels surround you...

  4. Dear Irene & Albert,

    Very sorry for your loss. Our deepest condolences to you.

    Take care...


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