Thursday, 20 December 2007

Face Fit

Although we always say everyone is different and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, i noticed that there are certain personalities and qualities that are required to climb up the career ladder.
When i look at my colleague who is very ambitious, outgoing, determined (if not dominant), strong willed, i sometimes think to myself whether i should learn from her and be like her. After being in an organisation and watching those people above and my colleague, i sort of know there are certain qualities, or vaguely put, "leadership qualities" that will make your face fit.
My manager right said everyone is different and we shouldn't aspire to be like Ms. A. But experience tell you that you will loose out in interviews and internal job promotion if you do not exhibit or "transform" your natural inheritance into those qualitis to get you far.
I do wonder how much do we really value the differences and appreciate the "uniqueness". Yet we subtly know that only certain qualities fit for promotion. If you are an introvert, chances are low. If you always work on the background, no one will notice you. They only recognise those faces who attend meeting, and not those hands that prepare those analysis or paper etc...  and of course the mouth that speaks!
This morning my colleague said "thank you for being you" to me .. and i thought, as much as i want to be me, i know i have to fake or transform myself into someone to fit the criteria to climb up the ladder.
Only if i want to.
For now, i am happy just as i am, so as far as organisational behaviour is concerned, i will stay as me.
The ast thing i want is the stress from work.

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