Sunday, 23 December 2007

Blessed birthday to Iriny

Today has been a pleasant surprise so far. Went to church as usual, with an added excitement, yeah it's my birthday. I always liked my birthday to fall on Sunday, a) because it doesn't happen always, b) i always like to celebrate it in church and with jesus... as it's the sunday before Christmas

The kids in children church celebrated my birthday with a cake, that's quite nice. I have this fondness about blowing a candle and cake. As much as i have grown from my childhood, i still feel that birthday is incomplete without candles blowing on a cake. I just think that these are one of the things that tells me that it's birthday and not just a meal.

I also met up with my secondary school friends, Shuwen, Yue siew and our common friends: Terrence and Jaycee. Nothing beats meeting up with old friends. Old friends just have this touch and connection that other friends/colleague can't give. This mutual understanding and love and acceptance of "knowing" you being you. We had dim sum at Ping pong, Westbourne Grove, near bayswater. It wasn't crowded and the ambience was great. Dim sum was better than expected, plus their flowering tea. It's a kind of tea that blossom into flower in your glass. You can see it from the photos below. We stayed around for 3 hours, just chatting and also the possibilities of our usual dreams and hopes. Shu advised me to go for some short photography courses, which include food styling for commercial. Good suggestion.

Last but not least, a pressie from siew. A set of make up brushes. I was delighted, exactly what i wanted. I have signed up for a evening classes on make- up foundation diploma with London Academy of media, film and TV. The course is for 8 weeks, every Friday evening for 3 hours, for bridal and special occasion.

A sister from church also gave me a pressie. That is sweet of her.

Also not forgetting few smses across the ocean, few of my close friends, sonia and kia meng, and my ex-colleague, may ling from New zealand. E-card from Kaye...birthday message from yik yu and chang etc...

A birthday present from colleagues, a coffee bug, very sweet of them.

My family members have also celebrated my birthday one month earlier, while i was in KL. With a delicious cheese cake from secret recipe and a hearty meal at Tai thong at leisure mall. Both my brothers have been very busy lately with their business, one with seafood steamboat buffet and another with kids photo studio. They don't finish till 11pm. So we opted for a family lunch instead. Being around with family has always been great. I have been very blessed that my brothers and i are very close, despite the distance. 8.30

It;s now 6pm. Albert has booked a dinner at 8.30pm. I have no clue where he is bringing me. My experience from last year told me that dinner at this time of the year is sub standard because the chef is probably on a holiday. Fingers crossed but i don't have any expectation for this year. Will write more.

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  1. Dearest Irene,

    Happy Belated Birthday to you!
    I can see you had a nice day. :) Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!


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