Thursday, 13 December 2007

been thinking...

One minute you are chatting with a real being, the next, that being doesn't exist anymore. The story stops right there and the rest of the entries are blank. Although one can always argue that being never cease to exist. They are still around, you keep them in your heart or mind. Still that doesn't deter the fact that they are not here. They are gone. All is left is memory.

To loose someone eternally is a very scary thought. Just gone. Full stop. That's it. It's painful because you can undo the history like how you click undo on your microsoft word. There is someone or being that holds the key of life and death. Unfortunately, that being or that someone is not you and me.

But on the other note, we human beings have a sense of eternal, or forever they call it. Some of us believe in reincarnation, and some believe in life after death.

i personally think that without life after death, existence is meaningless. We work hard and we toil for comfort life. We forfeit time for money only to find out that none of the riches or fame or comfort matters when you stop to exist.

Then you begin to think : what is the point and what is life about? You spend all your life chasing after dreams, comfort for your family or yourself then, when illness or death strikes you, none of those can reverse the situation.

You are stripped "naked" and hopefully you wake up. I hope that you wake up to think about your life and seek it's meaning. Or maybe you begin to think about the possibility of life after death, that there is something called eternal life.

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