Monday, 24 December 2007

23rd Dec 2007 8pm onwards

The second half of the day begins at 8 pm. Albert said he booked a restaurant with one michelin star. He refused to tell me what's the nsame of the restaurant. I was kept in the dark.

He drove to the restaurant, which is in central london, behind Oxford Street. London night scene was beautiful, so i took my camera and had a few go.

Finally we arrived. It starts with C, Claridges , one of Gordon Ramsay restaurant.
I was delighted, as i wanted to go there when i was a MSc student but couldn't afford it. The place and deco was gorgeous. I was attracted to the lamp on the table that i spend some time trying to get the best shot.

When we walked into the restaurant, there was a jazz band playing. The pianist was an oriental looking lady, which i was tempted to ask her if she is willing to give me some lessons. Unfortunately, i didn't put my intention into action.

We were sitted at a small round table, near the entrance. Then the wine list. I vaguely remember my colleague told me about this vintage fantastic champagne which is soft and sweet. I wanted to have a try. So we looked at the champagne list, it was ruinart. The vintage ruinart was Dom ruinart which cost £395 on the menu. The somelier came round and talked to us about the 3 different types of ruinart. In the end, due to our financial allowance, we opt for the ruinart Blanc de Blancs, £ 69.

Food: after our bad experience with Savoy Grill last birthday (another Gordon Ramsay's chain), we decided to go for a lar carte, 3 course meal instead of taster menu.
We chose Ravioli with lobster( the wester version of wantan) and pressed foie grais for starter,
Roast venison and roast lamb for main
Pecan ice-cream and some tart for dessert.

Food was horrible. The pre-starter was a carrot, with cordamom and white mushroom soup. The soup was okay the first sip, then it gets salty the second, then it gets saltier the next.

Only the bread stick was good. The other bread wasn't great, i have tasted much better bread else where.

The ravioli, which was meant to be THE SiGNATURE DISH, was very fishy, which means the lobster wasn't fresh and substandard.I didn't enjoy it a bit!
Pressed foie grais was okay, smooth like butter.

Roast venison was nicely done, in terms of temperature, it was medium. Unfortunately,AGAIN, the spinach that was underneath the venison tasted like real SALT!!!

Roast lamb was horrible, dry and tasteless.

Ice-cream was nice but the tart was over burnt, we hardly touched it. We told the waitress and she knew we were not very satisfied with the food. She came to offer us some other dessert but we were not interested.

The highlight of the meal was of course, that champagne. Since the champagne was served before the food, i drank it on an empty stomach with Albert. Because it was sweet and smooth, for a champagne, i think i drank 2-3 glasses of champagne. I felt alright heavy throbbing headache and palpitation. My heart was probably racing at 160 beats per minute. Then i asked Albert for some paracetamol for my headache. I took 2 of them.

Five minutes later, i felt dizzy, i couldn't hear probably, it felt as though i was going to have a black out. I had blurred vision. I needed the washroom. I couldn't walked straight. So albert took me to the entrance of the washroom. That was my first trip to the washroom. I managed to clear some of my bowel.Felt better, no more dizzy spell, less throbbing and palpitation.

Then i went back for my main course.

The alcohol intoxicated look! 2 mouthfuls of the venison and i rushed to the washroom. When i was about to reach the washroom, i had some real gut reflux, something soury was in my mouth. Went to the bowl, ended up throwing up. The floor was in a mess. So embarrassed. That was the second trip. Felt even better. I was almost back to normal , except with a bit of drowsiness.

I hardly had any appetite for the rest of the night. I wanted to rest my head and sleep. The dessert arrived. I went for my third trip to the washroom again.

We left after dessert and went straight to Albert's car. When albert was about to start his engine, i didn't feel well in my gut. I immediately opened the door and threw up. That was the last event of the night. I felt completely well by the time i went through all those process.
Slept in the car, went home took a shower and slept.

In spite of the fact that i threw up and continuosly "cleaned" my bowel from both end (above and below) i still enjoyed my birthday meal.The most amazing part of the story is both of us, mostly Albert, managed to finish the whole bottle of Champagne and still able to drive home! This whole thing reminds me of a secondary school Methodist College reunion at Bangsar ,the Roof 10 years ago. I was so naive then, that i drank 4 long island tea all in one go. It was actually a combination of 4 types of liquor. But it tasted sweet so i was ignorant about its toxicity. I threw up in the washroom and couldn't walk straight. I spent the rest of the night next to the bowl. Ha.

Iriny and alcohol don't go well!

Albert and i had an agreement that we would never NEVER ever stepped into any of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant EVER. I have given them two chances to prove themselves, unfortunately, money was spent on lousy food. I can cookbetter !

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  1. Anonymous5:55 pm

    You look good! :) And btw, Happy Belated Birthday!

    Love, Yan

  2. Shyan4:11 am

    Aww....that sucks. Well, at least the ambience is good. Maybe Gordon Ramsay is too busy with all his TV shows such that he has no time to check on the quality of his restaurants anymore......and shouldn't those people who award the michelin stars conduct quality checks once in a while?
    :) But good thing that you enjoyed the experience. God Bless gal.


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