Wednesday, 7 November 2007

You know You're Malaysian If .. by Vagus @

I came across this blog when i typed irony of life in google one day. When i went into this blog, turned out this man is my senior back in international medical university days in KL. Our uni only had two streams, medic and pharmacy. I enjoyed reading his blog. I thought i'll share this with you, from his blog:
Being a smalltown boy, dating a Midwestern American girl is quite a cultural exchange. Though I've been away from home for almost 10 years now, I realize at heart I'll always be a Seremban boy. How you know you're Malaysian:
  • You feel like you need to start with the most expensive food groups at a buffet. Salad, drinks are just a waste of precious stomach space.
  • You save and re-used old wrapping paper.
  • You don't feel comfortable if you don't wash your butt after taking a dump.
  • You know of at least 10 ways to cook Maggi mee.
  • Between satay and black Angus sirloin, you'd pick satay anyday.
  • You eat every grain of rice on your plate, for fear that your spouse will suddenly sprout a healthy crop of pimples.
  • You grew up hearing the "Don't you know kids are starving in Somalia/China/Ethiopia/etc" nag when you didn't finish your dinner.
  • You use toilet paper as a cheap Kleenex substitute.
  • You need to shower at least once a day.

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