Wednesday, 7 November 2007

What are the chances ?

Is the world That small?
It has happened thrice to me now. First, i was browsing the net looking at some portfolios of a photographer in Malaysia. Then i saw a familiar face. Hang on a minute, the bridesgroom was my university mate, same class with me, when we were both studying pharmacy!
Secondly, this irony of life google search, again from the photos, realised he was my uni mate, a medic. Plus, he is a good friend of TY and TS in america. TY was my secondary school friend and TS was in my uni.
Thirdly, just few seconds ago, i was looking at some portfolios from another photographer in Malaysia. Wa la, the bridesgroom was my ex-uni mate. He was a medic, good friends with AW, who is a good friend of mine from secondary school.
This malaysian circle is scarily small small small, especially when you are in overseas!

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