Thursday, 1 November 2007

Thai food @Isarn, upper street,Islington, London

My indian colleague told me about Isarn when she went there with her friends. She said it's spicy and not westernised, despite its location at upper street.

I brought Albert there last night. The ambience was okay, but the chair wasn't comfortable. The chair wasn't cushioned.

We ordered jasmine tea. Nothing to shout about, you would think. But what i noticed was this: their tea pot was not only pleasant to the eye, but it managed to retain the heat. Normally, being a chinese, whenever we went to any chinese restaurant, the tea from the pot would be cold by the time you finish your meal. Surprisingly, not this time. We had our tea before the food arrived. When we finished our meal, i poured more tea into my cup and it was still warm!!

I told Albert i love the tea pot and would like to get one. Albert did compliment that the tea pot was nice to the waitress, but he didn't ask where did they get it from.

Tea pot aside, we ordered
1. Tom Yam Gong
2. Monkfish Green Curry
3. Beef Massaman Curry
4. Pad Thai with prawn

The tom yam gong was amazing! Spicy and sour, and the soup has the right intensity. You can taste the shrimp/seafood in the soup.They used galagal and lemon grass.

It's the BEST tom yam gong i had in London so far.Please note, so FAR. £5.50 Highly recommended if you crave for such hot and sour soup, especially in winter! Albert and I finished every single drop of that.

Green curry was highly recommended by my colleague. She had the vegetarian green curry and she said it ws good. My monkfish green curry was a bit disappointing, maybe because i had my expectation already. The green curry is spicy enough, they put enough chili and pepper, and creamy, lots of coconut. BUT, it doesn't have the curry taste. I can't taste the spices at all. Just coconut and spicy. Can't taste lemon grass, cumin, turmeric, coriander, shrimp paste, onioin, garlic.

Thank God i ordered massamam beef curry. The beef was tender and well marinated. Can taste the spices in the beef. The curry was great. Unlike the green curry, you can taste cumin. cinnamon, etc and other spices in the massaman. Full recipe and ingredients can be found here I like this.

Pad Thai was good when i had the first few bite. Later, Albert told me it tasted stale, something had gone bad. We then tried the dried tofu and yes it was the culprit. So it has ruined that pad thai. The pad thai goes very well with Massaman curry.

Speaking of pad thai, the best i have tried in London so far is Taste of Siam in Camden. Still my favourite so far.

All in all, it's not too bad. Two dishes worth trying is Tom yam Gong and Beef Massaman curry. Price is reasonable.

Our bill came to about £35 for both of us.

Overall: 6
Food: 6
Food Presentation: 6
Ambience: 5
Value for money:5
Recommendation : 6

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