Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Talk about expensive cream

Last Saturday, i was bored and i didn't want to do too much reading. The relaxing thing to do is to buy a mag with lots of pictures/photos. Since i am into make up lately and skin product, i bought VOGUE, the porsh fashion magazine. My friend tried hard to analysed what makes a famous model. We found that famous model are those who look alien. As my brother, a professional photographer explained to me, models are not meant to be beautiful. They are meant to be walking clothes hanger. The focus should not be the face, but the clothes or fabric that are on them. Good point. Second point is that famous model are volatile, they should be able to create the feel that the clothes or fabric that's meant to create.

The theme of that magazine is "Glamourous". According to the editor's definition, glamour is not about how expensive and what you wear, it's more about HOW you wear it.

As with most magazine, there's always some sample here and there. I found a very porsh sample card, black with gold letters, for Estee Lauder Re Nutriv creation set. I can only obtain the sample from Selfridges.Offer only for first 3000.
So, being desperate and kiasu, i went to Selfridges during my lunch hour. Fortunately, i got the sample, 7 mls for two , one for day time and one for night time. Being a pharmacist, of course, i read the ingredient. Here is a list of its expensive patented ingredients:

From science: calcium-optimising technology.
An unparalleled source of strength for your skin.

Powered by Padina--a unique sea plant that actually
grows its own protective, calcified shell--and other sea-sourced ingredients,
the Re-Creation formulas help the calcium in your skin perform its natural
age-fighting tasks with optimum results. This "Padina cocktail" helps restore
and maintain the natural protective- and barrier-strengthening capabilities of
your skin's own calcium.

From nature: micronised minerals.
Culled from the remote
islands of Okinawa
, a micronised concentrate of over 74 vital trace minerals such as magnesium, zinc and selenium enriches the Re-Creation formulas.

Another extraordinary source of minerals was discovered in deep
sea w
ater, sourced from approximately 2000 feet below sea level around
the Hawaiian Islands in what oceanographers call the "Zone of Regeneration."
With a unique level of purity and an amazing abundance of minerals, this
enriched water bears a striking resemblance to the mineral composition of the
human body. It is the correct mineralisation in young skin that encourages
natural collagen production and helps restore skin's appearance of vitality and
smooth, supple tone.

Re-Creation by day: Day Creme SPF 15
This silky day creme leaves a dewy finish that helps safeguard your skin with broad-spectrum UV protection and proven anti-oxidants.

An amazing lifted look is achieved with a select blend of ingredients
that helps your skin maintain the natural collagen and elastin support that
gives it strength and resilience.

Every day, skin looks and feels fresh and hydrated while it reclaims a
stunning translucency and a lifted, lineless look

So i tried on the sample. Albert said the cream smelled like green tea. To me, it smells very green and fresh.I told him about this deep sea water. He then explained that with the pressure in deep sea, it's precious. Once it's out in the air, the pressure is gone. It remains as normal tap water. Ha.

About those minerals, you can get it in the multivitamins and food right? So basically you are patting on minerals on your face. Correct?

More surprisingly, it costs a whopping £300 per 50mml. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? DUO pot, one for day and one for night cost £550!!!! Oh my goodness. Don't believe me? Check this out:

Anyway, after knowing the cost, i will treasure my sample more, take some before and after photos! Just another gimmick? I don't have the answer.

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