Wednesday, 14 November 2007

How many bad news can you take?

I was informed this morning that one of the boy that attends our Sunday school, age 10, is diagnosed as having primary bone cancer, osteosarcoma.His treatment will involve chemotherapy, surgery, then more chemo. The duration will be for 6 months.
Thank God that his surgery will be minimal, only cutting out the cancerous section and as it hasn't spread as much, they won't have to take his leg out nor the whole leg bone out.
He should be able to recover with no permanent disability.
His nams is Chris and her mum is Shirley. Please pray for them, for courage, for faith, for peace, especially for a young boy like him, to face such challenge.
First it was my colleague's dad, oesophageal, in his 50s, then it was another friend of mine, in his twenties, now it's a boy in my sunday school age 10.
My heart aches.

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