Monday, 5 November 2007

Extraodinary life : Dr Tami Fisk

I came across a poem written by her in one of the mission meeting. I later read about her from a website .  
Today, her poem came to my mind..
Denver native touched lives around the globe

Tami Fisk, MD, who died March 4 at age 39, knew she wanted to work overseas as a doctor from the time she was 10, and never lost sight of that goal. She grew up in Denver, but fulfilled her childhood dream to help those less fortunate on the other side of the world. She worked in Zambia, China, and Thailand as well as the United States before she succumbed to melanoma "back home" in Denver.....

....Dr. Fisk did go back to China in 1995 with Medical Services International (now MSI Professional Services), studying Mandarin in Chengdu before heading to Xichang in 1996. There, she worked at a local hospital and commuted to mountain towns in the region. Fisk conducted training for village health workers, and with coworkers held health fairs on village streets

.....Dr. Fisk returned to the US in 1998 for an Infectious Diseases fellowship at Emory. A few months later, she was diagnosed with melanoma. Tami underwent multiple chemo treatments while continuing her studies, then enrolled in a clinical trial at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. After only a few months, she went into remission and remained so for several years. Fisk spent half of each year in Thailand researching emerging infectious diseases, including AIDS and also SARS during the recent outbreak.   She spent the other half in year n Atlanta as an assistant professor at Emory Med School.  . Fisk kept up her Mandarin by having Chinese roommates and attending a Chinese fellowship and Bible study at her church. Her dream was to return to China in the future, but it was not to be.

Dr. Fisk spent her last days back in Centennial with her family, and many of her friends and family were able to visit her. She never lost faith, and everyone who met her came away encouraged. Her love for God and others were clearly evident to those around her, and people could see that she truly lived what she believed. Tami left behind a poem that sums up her thoughts at the end of her struggle with cancer:

Today I am healed.
Perhaps not the way you had hoped for, prayed for, waited for
But I'm in a glorious new body, free of pain, full of new strength
Free to run and dance in a place where God himself wipes my tears away
Immersed in a love, joy and peace that we have a mere taste of during our time on earth
In the presence of my God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who loves me more than His own life
Know that today I am healed

Such great faith and love in moments of physical illnesses. When i read my friend's guestbook, again and again, i realised that human beings are indeed a creature, who else can we look to, who else can we pray to, except to our Creator. Who can we turn to, except to the Creator who holds the key to life and every creation in this whole universe. Everything was created by him, in him and for him.

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  1. Hi Irene,

    There is a book released now about Tami's life:


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