Thursday, 1 November 2007

Chinese wisdom in their chinese language character

I am having my second stage of puberty: spots and pimples on my face. I think mainly due to late nights and spicy food. Being vain, i am looking for some product to lighten the pimples prints on my face. I even bought this clearasil Spot treatment. My colleague told me she used it and ended up with more spots. Maybe it's just coincidental, i do have more spots after using that cream. This so -called association bias it not confirmed yet. So i didn't establish that. I just say maybe.
So i stopped using that cream. Then i remembered something: the white plastic bags full of white powder has been sitting in my drawer for years. Don't worry, it's not drugs. It's the powder that my grandmother made. She always put it on her face after her shower. I have seen it since i was young. That explains it. She is 80 years old and yet her face is definitely fairer than mine.
So i have started using it for the past 2 days. She made it from rice. Soaked the rice in water for some time, then sieve the rice. Obtain that water and dry it under the sun. Each time she uses it, she just add water to the solid, and it becames whitish liquid, and she apply it on the face.
Today i also googled on ancient powder using this search term: 古代水粉.
Guess what? Check out this explanation:
That's the exactly what my grandma uses! Basically the above paragraph just talks about chinese women in ancient times , and how the different types of powder. One of them is from rice.
More interestingly, the chinese character has rice on the left: and , means rice and separate respectively. So when you separate the liquid from the rice, dry it and then you get the powder.
I am intrigued. This is so wise! Chinese characters and their origin.

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  1. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Yes, I have to say Chinese characters are full of these suprises and stories. I am learning more on that.



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