Monday, 22 October 2007

Training others to become leaders

It's easy to do a task on your own, rather than delegating to others and end up repairing the mistakes and errors. That is the tricky part: how do we support and facilitate others in learning and growing? There are all different type of managers: those that like to keep everything close to their chest, those that delegate to others without supporting you, throwing you into the deep end, and those that support you, know when to withdraw and when to intervene. Such great art to master.
So last Sunday, we gathered few teenagers from our Sunday school and formed a committee with the aim of building and giving ownership to their youth church. We had a great time, discussing roles and responsibilities and commitment.
We came up with a name for our group: Youth 4 Christ. The teenagers were excited about their new roles. I think young people enjoy being a "big brother" , not in a told off way, but they learn about committment and ownership through increased responsibilities.
After our committe meeting, we went into our games. It was such a interesting scene to watch 4 british born chinese playing mah jung, without money of course.One of them didn't know how to play, so the rest taught her. So funny, with their own british fused with cantonese slang, calling out "Pung" and "Shiung", some mah jung lingo.
I must admit, by the grace of God, i do enjoy the opportunites to serve with the young people,and most of all, to watch them grow spiritually. I do feel guilty that i am not equipped with skills or knowledge to work  with young people. But i believe God just work through human weaknesses and He works in spite of human weaknesses. Whatever the skills one can have, nothing beat the power of love.
Young people, like us,  hunger for a place to feel belonged and loved, of which, some do not get that in their family.
I hope i can be  the agent of a tiny glimpse of God's love for his children in this family.

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