Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Finally i have made it a priority to resume my entry today. Quite a few bit has happened since i last wrote.
1. Late Payment charges
From my previous misery over my late payment charges due to bank fraud prevention policy, i called my bank and made a complaint. My point was this: it's fine by me to decline the payment for fraud prevention, but I should be informed by such decision. They didn't contact me at all at any stage of this whole process. This has happened for the second time. So, the good news is : the bank paid the late payment charges for the inconveniences that it has caused me. They were very clever in the way they wrote the letter.
"Regrettably, we were unable to ask the retailers to perform a security check as you were not present at point of sale. In the absence of such a referral, these transactions were declines as a precaution "
The truth was they didn't contact the retailers or me.
I raised the matter because i know how the procedure happens. In any case of declined payment from the bank due to fraud suspicion, they should have contacted me to verify, which, in this case, they didn't.
2. My university mate, Hui Ching's visit
It has been a while since i last have the proper quality time to catch up with my unimates. This is the case because some of them have owned their own pharmacy back in Malaysia and they work long hours. Furthermore, i only manage to secure my two precious weeks of holiday per year in Malaysia. Considering the fact that i married someone from hong kong, it's only fair that i split my holidays between Hong Kong and Malaysia. Hui Ching was my flat mate back in Glasgow, Scotland. She is cheerful and you can't miss her magnetic laughter. We had a good time then. Last weekend, she has kindly took the 3 hour train ride from Manchester to pay me a visit. We had a great time, and of course, with lots of good food. I like old friends. She said spending time with me is like those uni days, where we didn't have much worries about life , money, family etc. That is so true. Well, most importantly we had a deep chat and i was reminded that that's what friends is about:
walking side by side with each other in this journey of life. 
No condemnation, no striving to meet each other's expectation, we just accept them as they are and walk with them with they have problems or crisis. The Being and Presence bit is pivotal for sharing our humanity.
3. A reminder of the hallmark of Being
Andrew is Albert's ex-tenant and a good friend. He is a pastor and is currently a lecturer in a bibile seminary in Hong Kong. He is staying here with us for a week because he is going for his viva for his PHD. The good news is : He passed his PHD !!! I am so glad. Praise the Lord! Albert and I are just so relieved and happy for him. During his stay with us, i asked him lots of questions: choices, God's will, bible narrative, nihilism, heaven, hell.
The biggest reminder from him is not Doing, but BEING. It's not what you do, it's your inner motive and inner state of your heart. It's what Paul said:
"1If I speak in the tongues[ a] of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames,[ b] but have not love, I gain nothing" 1 corinthians 13:1-3
Yes i can do all sort of thing, i can quit my job, i can change my career, i can go to bible school, there choices are peripheral. The greatest hallmark of following Christ is :" Love my God with all my strength, heart, mind and soul and love my neighbours as myself"
It's about being a loving person, not about hurting others in the process of achieving or meeting a deadline. These few days i have been thinking about how we work. When we leave a certain job, we probably won't remember a lot about the projects or facts about a product etc, but we will remember how our manager treated us, spoke to us, or how our colleagues worked with us as a team.
The hallmark of maturity is not in acquisition of knowledge or facts, it's the capacity to love. This is what came to my mind as i digest this whole purpose of being a human being, being a friend, a wife, a daugther, a youth church leader, an employee.
4. Job
Interestingly and surprisingly, both of my colleagues are going for a secondment, 1 for 6 months and the other for 12 months. As we are a very small team, with one manager and 3 of us as prescribing advisers, i am the only skeleton left in this exile. As one of my colleague is currently the deputy and lead for community pharmacy in Islington, it's quite impossible to employ someone external just for 6 months. So my manager approached me for interest. After consulted my husband, i expressed my interest.
I don't know what will happen and i don't know whether i will cope, so watch the space. This 6 months upgrade is not that rewarding financially, but i thought the work will come to me anyway, i might as well accept the offer. We will recruit to replace the other colleague for 12 months.
So in terms of my job, i have more to do, not sure about exciting projects. For the next 6 months, i am holding the boat more than anything. The current position holder is super capable and bright, which i don't think i am anywhere near her capability. I'll just do what i can and learn what God has to teach me.

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