Monday, 22 October 2007

Swatch for watch, not Rolex for me

I remember there was a wave sweeping through our class when i was in secondary school. A group of my classmates went to UK for a study tour. They bought swatch for their friends as a gift. I could still remember the exchange rate was only 4 then , to Malaysian ringgit.
Some years later, my mum went to UK with some tour. I asked her to buy swatch for me. She bought one for each of us, both my brothers and myself. The funny part was, my elder brother happily wore it while he was working, obviously. As part of his task required him to drill holes on the wall, after sometime, the hand for the seconds on the watch started to tick according to the rhythm of the drill, few ticks in one, then stopped for few seconds, then few ticks. After a while, the watch died.
As for mine, i wore it all through and i brought it over to London when i came here to study. Needless to say, the leather strap broke into two. It was a lovely strap, i took a photo of it as a remembrance. I then changed the battery for that watch.
Last saturday, i finally took the effort to choose a strap for my swatch. Not much choice as i was looking for a red leather strap to mimic the original design, but no luck. The guy at the the swatch shop actually said my watch was from some time ago. I said yeah.. it's been 10 years, or so i thought.
Then this morning, i had a good look at the small print on my watch, guess what? IT'S 1994, which is 13 years ago.. and i am still wearing it, with a brand new strap, which makes it look new too !
Oh boy oh boy... swatch is indeed a good make.Good choice. Told you i am a smart consumer.

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