Monday, 22 October 2007

Resurrection of my fingers dancing on keys

It has been a long while since i last played the piano for church worship/songs section. Mainly because i was concentrating on the youth church. Yesterday i had a chance to resurrect my fingers to dance and i enjoyed it. It also serves as a trigger for me to resurrect my jazz piano lessons with my teacher. I had stopped the lesson for 6 months now due to various other commitments.
In a way, it's good. With the rest period, i am able to definte for my teacher what i would really like to learn. I think i am not very much in tuned with the jazz, they don't sound like music to my ears. I think i will learn blues, it's more palatable for me and it's something i can connect to and apply and fuse it in my church songs.
On the other hand, my korean lessons with SOAS was asked to put to sleep for this semester. They didn't have enough students to start the class. Sad. I rely on self-motivation now to maintain my korean language proficiency, not to mention, improve

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