Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Prima Taste Laksa from Singapore

Why, Why singapore?
Yesterday i cooked laksa for Albert and he just loved it! It's easy, I bought this laksa from china town by prima taste. 4 Sachets in there: belacan, laska paste, coconut lik powder and laksa leaves. I personally quite like it, because it's quite authentic and tastes good and easy to prepare.
I added my own mee hun, fish cakes and tofu. I just add whatever i have in the fridge.
Well it seems this Malaysia and Singapore relationship is very unique. Undeniably, singaporeans are very good with publicity and broadcasting, improving malaysian food reputation.
I have met people in London who tells me that hainanese chicken rice is from Singapore. WHAT? Laksa from Singapore too? Chili crab from Singapore? They actually had a Singapore Chili Crab festival in Brick lane not too long ago.
Okay i have no problem with people making good food. I just think malaysians are not good with making their entry into the international market, like making it ready made and tasty AND authentic. Prima taste also have a whole wide range, which i bought : Mee rebus and hainanese chicken rice, mee siam etc.. more from wingyip
So  if you are in london and you miss Msian food, prima taste is bad, worth trying.
We are going to french cuisine tonight, looking forward to it. Will tell you all about it!

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