Monday, 29 October 2007

Please pray for my friend

Last Friday morning, i walked from tube station to my office as usual. This thought came to my mind: " We often take our bodies for granted". Chee said that we we had dinner with him few weeks ago, and that statement just came to my mind that very morning.
The  very same day , i received an e-mail from my friend : A friend of mine was diagnosed with metastatic esophageal cancer at the age of 28.
I could never forget that moment when i read his entry. I was at the verge of my tears. I didn't know what to say except to pray and to let him know that i am praying for them.Pls pray for TS for God's love and peace that surpasses all understanding, that he will not fear and have the strength and courage to persevere.
In moment like this, i am once again being hit with the reality that humans are indeed weak and vulnerable. When these reality hit me, the question is not to ask WHY me, but how Lord. How can i go through this with Jesus, how do we unite ourselves with our Lord in circumstances like this.
It must be hard to swallow and silent ourselves with the why bit, especially if you are a oncologist yourself , treating patients, or like me, counselling patients for a thousandth times how to take their medication and one day me having to take the tablets to survive.
Indeed, the reality is, hard times do unite us together as humans. We poured out our loves and care to those we know who is suffering, and in the weaknesses, we acknowledge that we are one. No one is immune to pain and suffering. The important thing is we stick together and encourage, support each other in the journey. We can never do this alone.
In moments like this, the world's riches and the world's best tastiest food become meaningless. Yes, indeed, we have taken our health for granted. In fact, we wanted more. In our comfort, we forget those who suffer, we forget those who needs clothes and food to survive, we forget the pockets of extreme poverty in other parts of the world.
There is nothing wrong being rich or being blessed with abundance. But it is wrong if it is for selfish gain and not to share.
If you would like to share and bless others with the little that you have, try

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