Monday, 29 October 2007

London's Oldest Fish and Chips

Unconsciously, albert and I have been an unofficial food taster. We have been going around hunting for good food, and writing food review after we've eaten the food.

We have been asked a couple of times by visitors about good fish and chips in London and we had no clue at all! I kind of regret that i didn't eat more fish and chips when i was studying in Glasgow.

So, we finally found it, the OLDEST Fish and Chips shop in London, dating back to 1871 !!!:

Rock and Sole Plaice
47 Endell Street,
Covent Garden

There were different kind of fish to choose from.We had cod. It was as good as expected! The fish was freshed, with perfect level of moisture, yet not fishy. The fish was extremely crispy. The chips were great, very potatoey.

Although it cost more than average fish and chips, it's definitely worth it! Normal average fish and chips is about £6-7, this costs £10. To be fair, it's right in central London.

Overall rating food: 9
Will i recommend to my friends: Yes

Actually i did go back there for the second time with a Malaysian friend two days ago!

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