Friday, 19 October 2007

In a nutshell

I still can't believe that my organisation block all the blogs in the whole wide world ! (www)
Anyway, my week was alright, mainly because today is the only day i am working in the office. I had study leave for the past four days. I attended a training on project management called PRINCE 2 foundation. It's the official recognisition of project management in public sector by the government. Yes, please note, public sector. Overall the concept was good, if only everyone, especially my manager know about it. Ironically, they didn't cascase this training from top to bottom. Small potato like me get training but my manager has no clue about it. I wonder how it will work in the real world. Welcome to reality!
Moaning aside, this is a foundation course. I will get to apply it in the practitioner course. I was glad i went. There was an exam too, 75 MCQ. Guess how much i got? Not 75/75, don't worry, i am not a genius, remember? Ha.. i got 68, not bad, considering i just memorised all the past paper exam answers. Ha!
Well as usual, i am always thrilled with learning new things and exam ! I have also pursued my interest in cosmetic make up lately and i plan to have some crash course from my sister-in-law when i back in KL.
To a certain extent, i have been quite obsessed with going home. I have few dreams about me missing the flight to Penang and went to KL straight! Yeah sounds more like i am obssessed with the food in penang!
Another highlight was Albert and I made it to Mamma Mia after being in london for 20 years and 5 years respectively. It was much better than i expected. I bought the piano scores with a sing a long CD. Good sign, you guys should go if you are in London. It was a treat from a pastor friend, A, who stayed with us in London for 1.5 weeks for his PHD viva.
Last few weeks have been visitors weeks : Hui ching, my uni mate, then A from hong kong, then Elaine, my ex-church pastor  coming to stay with us next week. I also met up with my ex-church friend, Esther Kuar, from Tokyo,  who dropped by in London on her way to Madrid. I haven't seen her since 7 years ago. Old friends are always great!
Past few weeks of my absence have  also been manic and stressful for me personally, which very much explain my absence in here. Experienced some relationship issue with a friend and i was on a guilt trip.
The comfort is : i have succumbed to the fact that i am a human being, and as what i wrote in my blogger profile, to be human is to have weaknesses. Christians are sinners and should not pretend they are not. I have accepted that i have limited love to give and my love has been conditional. Still in the process of learning and being transformed.
Albert has been very busy too.. imagine, we don't even have proper dinner at home for few weeks already, which means i haven't been cooking a proper meal for the past few weeks. He is busy with the church mission conference next week, plus his usual church committee meetings (Tuesday and Wednesday every month) , his Bible Study Fellowship every MOnday and his Mandarin evening class eveRy Thursday and working till 9 pm every Friday. That pretty sums up his weekly routine.
As for me, my korean class has been cancelled because there wasn't enough students to continue with the class. That was the sad news. So i have to learn on my own and from korean dramas.
The other blessing in disguise is that my opportunity to "act-up" at my work place has fallen through. So after fantasing myself being a cinderella, i am back to the slave-next-door. I was disappointed initially, but i am okay now. Either ways it will work out fine. My work has indeed been my cross that i have been carrying. No complain. Thank God i have a job, with stable pay into my account every month. No worries. No i am not moaning, i am learning.
That's why i am , in a nutshell

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