Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Indian Cuisin @Cinnamon Club, Westminster London Dinner

Andrew K passed his viva and got his PHD. We needed to celebrate this important occasion. So the whole household, me, albert, Irene Chen and Andrew went out for a feast. We booked a table from toptable with offer at Cinnamon club, modern Indian.

Cinnamon Club
The Old Westminster Library
Great Smith Street

First, let's talk about the place. Yes, it is a library. We were havinga meal in this old westminster library. It's very spacious and comfortable, as verifed by our key person in our team: Andrew.The album is at the end of this article.

Great place. Next, we had cinnamon bellini, on the house. It comes with toptable offer. You can actually taste the cinnamon in the champagne. Very unique. We all liked it.

We then ordered our 3 course meal. We had the toptable menu, as we took the offer. I was quite impressed that they actually change the menu. I was here last time with my colleagues with the same offer. My assumption is that they will not bother with changing the menu for cheapskate offer. To my surprise, they did! How professional!

Andrew and i ordered chicken breast kebab. The chicken breast was well marinated. You can taste that indian spices. The sauce was very unique. It has plum/lemon sauce and mint to balance the heavy strong taste from the chicken.

Albert and Irene had fish. It was great and the filling was huge. They were half filled after the appetiser.

Main Course:
Andrea and I had the lamb curry. Not uniquely great, standard indian curry dish. Meat was tender. Average.

Again, Albert had another fried fish. Now, the sauce was fantastic. The batter that was used to fry the fish was excellent, with indian spices and curry powder. The only downfall was the fish itself. It wasn't fresh. So the meat was quite fishy. But it was camouflaged by the batter. Well, nothing can go undetected by my well trained 6 inch tongue and my taste bud!

We ordered apple strudel with cinnamon ice cream. Sounds normal?It looked normal too. Don't be deceived. This is a common desert, but takes a lot to make it good. The cinnamon ice cream was super super smooth, like silk. It just melts in your mouth. Andrew said it was the smoothest ice-cream he has ever had so far. Highly recommended. The apple strudel was not too sweet, balanced taste. The pastry was fluffy too.

Albert ordered creme brule. The sugar was well "burnt", giving that cripsy crust on the top. The creme brule was very creamy and smooth. Nicely presented. They also had tangarine to balance the heavy creamy taste.

We all enjoyed our meal. I was glad that Andrew liked it, good memories for him to celebrate such joyous occasion, Dr.

The offer was £22 for 3 course meal.

Overall rating: 8
Food: 9
Ambience: 8
Food presentation: 8
Recommend to a friend: 10
Value for money: 10

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