Monday, 3 September 2007

Weekend event

My head is heavy, and i seldom speak today. Not much energy left. I just want to sleep.I also have to clarify that my lack of sleep over the weeked wasn't intentional. The story went like this:
I went to Secret Sample Sale in Brick lane (famous for Indian curry in London) on Saturday with Esther. Then we walked around shoreditch area. Obviously got hungry, so ended up in Tay Bo cafe, for authentic vietnamese food. Obviously too, we were hungry. So we ordered Vietnamese version of Ice coffee, with condensed milk. Similiar to Malaysian version. Food was good, but not as good as the one i mentioned in Camden road. After dinner, we were still chatting, and we got thirsty after the meal. So we ordered green tea. The green tea was very good, i like the aroma.
We then went on our separate ways. Little did we know, that we paid such a big price for that pot of tea, not in monetary terms, but in hours of sleep. It took me hours before i could fall asleep.
On Sunday morning, at 9 am, i received a text from Esther that she too, couldn't sleep, but on a more severe degree. She could only fall alseep at 9 am! So, she missed church service.
Sunday :
Sunday school was good. We only had one month break for Sunday school teachers while the youth went on their summer break, but they all seemed to have grown physically. One of the girl has grown much taller and one of the boys did well in GCSE and now in sixth form. It was good to see them again. I enjoy spending time with them. We talked about why and how we should read the bible, encouraging them to read the bible everyday and few questions to help them reflect like: what does this passage tell me about the character of God, tell me about myself, and how i should respond in action.
Dinner was with Jaycee and Terrence at Noodle Inn. Fantastic authentic Lan zhou la mien, very satisfying.
Back to work today. I have 2 weeks to prepare my sermon, but as for now, i still don't have the slightest idea what i should speak on. God, please help me.

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