Monday, 3 September 2007

Places to eat in London-Authentic Lan zhou ra men

I only knew that famous ramen is from Shang hai until Mdm See brought me to :

Inn noodle:
25-27 Oxford Street.
London. W1D 2DW

The ramen was made fresh at the premise and the soups are quite good (mainly because i don't know how to make them).

We also had zha jiang mien, i love it, the best i've had so far. Spicy ramen soup and sour soup is recommended. The sour ramen soup has a very distinct taste. It's not sour like tom yam or assam laksa, it's sour and a bit sweet.

The famous desert is Gao li Dou Sha which is a vanilla souffle with red bean filling. The vanilla souffle is very fluffy and soft. Yue Siew and I made chocolate souffle last 2 weekends, but this souffle with filling is definitely another level!

I just wish i can own a restaurant that serves good food one day ! Dream dream dreamm

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