Monday, 3 September 2007

My first language exchange encounter

I met a Korean girl one Saturday while i was working in a chemist. She asked for allergic tablets. I had a brief chat and found that she is leaning english in London and is looking for opportunities to improve her speaking english. I, on the other hand, is looking for opportunities to improve on my poor korean.
So we met last Friday for a meal. She brought me to a korean restaurant, Arang. Nothing to shout about, don't really recommend it.
That must be a divine appointment, seriously. The reason being, while we were having our meal, i met my uni mate. I kinda knew she was coming to London to study her MSc in clinical pharmacy. She attended my wedding dinner last year, and she knew i was in London. Throughout last academic year, i didn't hear anything from her, so i wasn't sure she actually made it or not. I would have thought that if she is in town she would have given me a buzz. So i met her that day, and we exchanged contact details. She finished her MSc and is going back end of this month.
I am quite upset by the fact that she didn't contact me. She was not only my uni mates, but we hang out together. There were 5 of us. It's just me, i know. I just have certain degree of priority about keeping in touch with old friends and sometimes taking some initiatives. Although i do not expect others to initiative , or share my sentiment, as i do it out of my own free will, but at a minimum level, if my close friends are in town, should at least call me for a brief chat. I do understand that sometimes circumstances do not allow us to meet up, but doesn't take much to call, especially in this day and age. In her case, she has been in London for the past one year. *sigh*
Of course i am not harbouring any hatred towards her or anything, just plain disappointment.
I don't hold the belief of busyness. I trust that everything is about priority in life. That's my philosophy anyway.
I have digressed. The rest of the evening was alright, although her english is much much more fluent than my korean. Furthermore, i don't have much common topic of conversation with her. I only managed to bridge the gap by talking about superficial stuff like korean dramas, korean actresses and korean culture from my drama observations.

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