Friday, 7 September 2007

My first Acne reputation

i have been blessed as i didn't have much spot or acne throughout my puberty or my teenage life. My sister-in-law once told me that i will suffer as i age.

True enough, once i passed my quarter-life, i start having spot. Notice i didn't say "acne". Spots or pimples, i wouldn't say they are acne. Mainly because i am a pharmacist, and acne, according to my definition are people who have lots of them, and they need to see doctor for medication or medicated cream.

My hypothesis is : one's interpretation or definition is highly influenced by one's career or profession.

So yesterday i was fed up with my "cat face",花脸猫, cantonese slang for faces full of scars and marks and went for a facial.

This photo is from this cool website that i can choose different hairstyle and work out which one suits me.I learnt this after my lesson from cutting my fringe. Notice all those marks and dots! I wish i can wipe them clean just like an eraser! You have to enlarge it to see my dots lar..if you still can't see it, i think you need a visit to the optician.

I decided to go for facial. The last time i have ever been to a salon for facial was a year ago. On average, i have facial once a year. I had it in HK when Albert's friend had a voucher. Even that, i quite regret it, as there's not much squeezing for her to do, and her massage is below average.

Why once a year, mainly because it costs an arm and a leg in London.My one hour facial costs more than my one hour wages, just to put things into perspective.

Interestingly, the lady is also from Malaysia, from Penang to be exact. Came ot london a year ago , working now. Also a christian. We had a good chat and she diagnosed my " skin well being".

This salon owner's husband is a pharmacist. So basically, this beauty salon is in the basement and as you walk in , it's a chemist.

As i lie down and being treated, i was thinking, this is my dream. If only i have the opportunity to do it. Albert, being a pharmacist can own a pharmacy, while i happily work on ladies and chat. Then i also get to know more people and then i can also invite them to church.I can also offer make-up service or classes, err.. if i am good, if not i get my sister-in-law over to run it.

This is a good idea. All i need is to go for short facial courses. Then if i dream bigger, i can buy an old building, bring it down, get a builder, redesign the whole thing, shake hands and buddy buddy with a GP, or few GPs, rent the space to them, then my pharmacy will be right in the GPs surgery, and the women can help themselves to my professional service.

Those with depression, broken hearted or in bereavement, who go to see the doctor for antidepressant, can also come to see me. I can listen to them, as GP only has 10 minutes appointment for each patient, then i can pray with them. How nice !!

Oh oh such perfect dream. While i was dreaming and savouring every second of it, the lady said :" irene, you have acne".

I woke up from my dream. Acne? WHAT you mean ACNE! I am not on Dianette or doxyclycline... (those two tablets are treatment for acne)I only have one big red spot on my check with a litte yellow stuff. Is that the definition of acne? I have entered into the acne league that easily? I qualify? I ain't that bad, am i? I was in horror. For the first time in my life, i have the "acne face" label.

After facial, i went upstairs for some free sample. I was transferred to another lady. She too commented that some moisturising cream not suitable for acne face.

I went home, asked Albert for the definition of acne. He said acne is for any red acne spot-LAR, doesn't have to be clinically acne condition, which i see in Gp surgery.

Okay, it's only me then. Me and my "Drugged brain".

I am not in search for oil free moisturiser and oil free UV protection moisturiser to protect my skin. So now i can't use oily creamy stuff, becaues they aggrevate my oil gland. Iam dry on the epidermis, the outest layer and underneath the layer it's oily.

So unique right? Suits me right? Such an irony. Dry means dry, oily means oily, combination yes, the T zone part, but dry on the outside, oily on the inside? It only reminds me of fried food.

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