Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Driver needed, apply within

I remembered receiving an e-mail few years ago listing all the places to eat in KL, but i couldn't find it anymore in my mailbox.So,i found this blog: , about different food and location in PJ and KL. From there, i found other directories on food.

The question i asked myself was : oh my, i don't know any of these places, not to mention road names! So how am i going to bring Albert to our Malaysia gourmet or back street experience? I need a driver!!!

Yes i have been back in KL once each year, but i was seldom out. Last year was merely for my own wedding dinner. There are so many varieties of food in KL but so little time. Me being "blind" to the roads and route in KL doesn't help either.

I hope i do end up with some driving instructions, map, if not driver (the best option) when i am back in KL this time

Then i found this blog: Seven wonders of Selayang-which is where i lived! Not many people heard of this place, but i owe her a big thank you as i don't even know which is which in Selayang!She defines glutton as :" one who digs his grave with his teeth" I laughed

At least, for the first day, albert and I can walk for our breakfast

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  1. well, i would love to join you both if i'm not having any project in hand that time. At the same time, not being the 'bulb'...hahhaa....


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