Monday, 17 September 2007

Are you feeding others?

My weekend was super exciting, mainly because i preached on Sunday at Croydon youth church.It has been a humbling yet uplifting experience for me.

Two weeks ago i preached in a youth church in north london and i was a bit discouraged. Mainly because i felt i didn't communicate that well to the congregation. I felt and still feeling very inadequate. I am too young in this preaching business, i only have theories and principle, as i have not have a lot of life experience to share. I have problem with that.

As for last weekend, the story goes like this :

initially, i wasn't sure which passage to speak on, so i chose the one from Matthew 25 :31-46 on sheep and goat.. during judgement.. somehow it's not clicking... so i got panic, on Saturday... went online waited for my pastor friend from Malaysia to be on msn.. quickly rushed to him and asked for his opinion.. he said it's not suitable.. as the theme is more on judgement, than serving etc..

We discussed.. then i suggested 5 loaves and 2 fish.. he said it was good.. and gave me some pointers... so i did a bit of research online... too tired, had a nap aroun5 -6 pm.. still hasn't started writing my sermon.. but in the end, by a lot of God's grace, got it done by 2 am.. with cartoons on powerpoint.

Mainly thank God that in my research i saw some light in the familiar story, this time from a different perspective: The disciples reaction and their feelings, the disciples were tired and hungry... and they wanted to sent the crowd away, not sensitive to the needs of the crowd.. but Jesus was teaching them the lesson of compassion...

I preached for 30 minutes.. actually i was amazed that there's a lot we could talk about and nail the message home in 30 minutes... I was glad that my message was clear.

I was overwhelmed by JOy.. sally came to me and said that's what she has been feeling last 2 weeks.. so tired.. and didn't want to bother... .. and just sent ppl with needs away... and she ws encouraged by the words of God!

For me personally... it's an encouragement as i tend to focus on what i don't have- the disciples saw they couldn't feed the 5000 on their own resources, i focus on what i don't have, instead of humbly come before God and offer the little that i have- more specifically, my preaching. Often feel i am young, not much life experience, my sermon mainly theories.. etc.. but today as Jesus was inviting the disciples to join him to feed the crowd, today, he is inviting us too.. not based on ability, but availability...

Another reminder is not to be self-centred in my own tiredness and own agenda, but to be compassionate and look out for the needs of the crowd, for their are lost without our Saviour. Are my hands too short to reach? Am i too tired to listen? i am still on cloud 9- from yesterday sermon =))

Thank God... for His kindness. praise the Lord !

As for my whereabouts, I will not be around in london from tuesday to wednesday, going to midland for a conference, yes, on prescribing. Not really looking forward to it, more of obligation.

Anyway, the reminder of the day is : Are you feeding others? Are you sensitive to the needs of those around you and doing something to help them and alleviate them?

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