Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Your Highness Yue Siew's visit to our humble shelter

This may just be once in a lifetime where my classmate whom i spent 13 years with is right here in London. Well we do meet up often, with other secondary school friends, phone calls, e-mails.
But since the day when Yue siew came to my house when i got married, we have always talked about coming over to my house and spend some time but it never materialised.
So in spite all plans or making of diary, i decided to just do it spontaneously. Ha, it worked!
I texted siew last on Sunday night about coming to my house on Monday night for "Japanese chinese emperor" chicken, with various chinese herbs and vege. Nothing fancy. Two options: a) 2 hours of steaming the chicken,  b) baked in oven with aluminium foil for 45 minutes.
It was after work, so obviously, i used the latter. I dried the corn fed chicken that i bought from Lung Fung and spread the herbal powder on the chicken. As for the vege, Siew suggested crushed garlic, which has been my favourite lately. Instead of stir frying it in the beginning with leek and onion, i added the crushed garlic last, 1-2 minutes before i place on the plate.
Both of them tasted fantastic. The corn fed chicken as great, compared to the normal chicken from Sainsbury and Tesco, which has no chicken original flavour at all. So i will buy my chicken from Lung Fun, china town in the future, about £3 for a 1.3 kg of chicken.
After meal, i made Yue siew Malaysian kopi with the coffee granules that she kindly brought over from my mum for me. Then we had Mah Jung. Albert won again!!! How irritating is that! Poor yue siew was so tense. Ha.Please clarify that we don't gamble, and Albert and i are not in any interest in using mah jung as a gambling tool!
All of us had a great time. More to come!

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