Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Weekend :shop, eat, chat,fun Part 2

This is serious, i am having way too much fun over the weekend that i ended up like zombie on Monday, merely a skeleton at work!

Last Sunday was really crazy.

Arranged to meet Jaycee and Terrence at 915 am for superb italian coffee at Frank's near church. We ended up arriving late, due to poor time management on my part. Wore my newly bought purple earrings and necklace. Nice nice. Jaycee, too wore her newly bought necklace.

After church service, we moved on to luxurious dim sum at Hakkasan. We spent 3.5 hours at that place, so full. BTW, I am not that rich. It was a treat. Dim sum was great, with few dishes specially cooked by chef Lee. We tried to guess what was in the dish, we thought it was chicken, but it was actualy quail.Jay cee even said it tasted like chinese version of ham. Sorry, no photos on food , as the restaurant policy. So we only took few photos before we entered.

We planned to bring Madam See for London night scene. Since it's summer, it doesn't get dark till 9 pm. So we moved to Starbucks, half asleep, continue with our chatting and jokes. I was told that pregnant women in Malaysia now take some chinese pill, that is made up Porcupine blood from their bruise, and it takes away the pain of woman who gone through caesarian. Okay., that's a bit new.. i need to research on that. Forget about paracetamol and other pain killers. Just one of that, and pain free.If you heard of it, let me know. I can bring it and recommend to my friends over here. Ha.

We went home after Starbucks, too much time. It was when we realised the double glazed door in our kitchen were broken. Some kid threw stone ( Only God knows what they did as there's no CCTV at my neighbourhood). Gone, whole door just shattered as shown in my artistic photo above.

Around 830pm, Albert drove us to the classic London-must-go places, with tripod and Terrence;s gadget and skills. We snapped lots of photos, had so much fun! Albert and I did a lot of abnormal expressions and body stretching. The photos were great. As it was dark, we added the extra flash by using our candid Canon Ixus, together with Terrence's SLR. That explains the bright colour on our face.

We only left Tower Bridge at 1130 pm, drove the rest home. Reached home at 1 am, slept about 2 am.

Good good I am truly a Londoner now.. my first time of going to tourist attraction at night and taking photos. Ha.

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