Monday, 6 August 2007

Signs of Youth

I am young, right? tell me i am young. Late nights are signs of youth, ain't it?
I am a sleepy head now, i am allergic to work, it makes me drowsy!
Saturday was seriously madness. I blame myself for it. JC and terrence had a dinner party for all fellow malaysian friends that he know in London, each person bring a dish. So, i cooked Korean bulgogi beef. The beef is very thinly sliced and i have to get it from a korean shop in central london, store street. So i made my way on a super Malaysian-like hot afternoon to store street, Got 1.5 kg in the bag and walked my way through oxford street to Oxford Circus to catch the tube home.
Well to be very very honest, i didn't just walk, i stop by, you know, when i hear some voice calling me, those summer sales shop.... Walked past NEXT shop, Mng , etc..I didn't have any lunch.
So by the time i made my ardous journey to oxford circus, exposing myself to all temptations possible, i went to a cafe. According to my friend, they serve the best tiramisu cafe he has ever tasted, very close to the one he tried in Italy.
I decided to give it a try, after all, with the heavy burden on my arms, i needed to rest.
The cafe is in Mamas and Papas, called Cibo. I looked at the menu, tiramisu cake selling for £5 !! I was a bit hesitant at first, then i thought, it will only be once and that's it.
I ordered it, and it was alright, i expected much more. My mum said, when someone said a dish tastes good , it means it's to his/her liking. One man's meat is another poison is so true.
I prefer the one by Tesco, as it has more rum/alcohol taste to it. I can make better tiramisu than that cafe.
Well, now that i have tried, i can say.
Reached home almost 5, barely have anytime to take a nap. The sun was shining on my shattered glass, all of them shimmer like diamonds, couldn't help but grab my camera, "feverishly" snapped 50 over photos just on that shattered glass. Oh man, i just love glass, mirrors and reflection on mirrors.
Then i cooked my korean beef, this time, with lots of love and thoughts into it. Albert suggested adding leek and onion. So i did. The beef tasted So good. !! Well to be fair, there is more than one people said it's good, so my beef is acceptable to the 75% distribution of the general population curve , well, at least i would like to think so.
Was so late for JC dinner party, i reached there at 830 pm. MOst of the people has finished their dinner and were chatting away. Well, it's alright... Too tired to regret over my poor time management. Ha.
Lots of malaysian spicy food, sambal, curry puff, indonesian chicken, satay.
Left JC's place, reached home about 1.30 am. Slept at 2 am, next morning could barely woke up, but Wa la, we reached church 10 minutes early for the service.
Proof of my youth. (Hard selling here..)

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