Wednesday, 29 August 2007

There is a price to pay to be perfect

Albert bought his house 10 years ago. He lived in that palace of his on his own for the past 10 years. Then he met a lady and that lady invaded his territory. His kitchen used to be spick and span and everyone who visited his kitchen thought it was a display kitchen, or in my words: dummy kitchen. But now this dummy kitchen has become a history. I cooked more, i mess up his kitchen more and we invited friends over more.

Our living room is alright, but again it's more for display purposes. Both of us hardly spend any time in the living room, mainly because we seldom watch the TV. We watched series via our laptop screen. Another reason is because the living room is not well lit. It's the colour of the curtain. The carpet is red, the curtain is blue and the sofa is black. It makes the room small and not very welcoming to me.

So last Sunday, we found a place that sells curtain at a reasonable price. Save me carrying curtain from Malaysia. The colour is cream. So on Monday, i changed the curtain.
Later, when we went to friend's place for dinner, i found that the top part of the curtain has equal pleat on the top, near the glider. I was then told that there is a string behind the curtain that i can pull, so the pleat can be seen. Albert who had his curtain for the past 10 years didn't know the function too.

So i was excited to make the curtain look pretty.I wanted the curtain to look perfect I was so tired yesterday due to the late nights from food party, still i insist ind doing it. So i took the curtain down, spent ages tightening the curtain heading, with the help of Irene No. 2.

Guess what? After doing all the exercise, the curtain width is insufficient for such luxury! So i have to loosen everything again, unhooked and hooked the brackets again. It was exhausting. It looked better now, and i can't be bothered to be a perfectionist, spend my money on new curtain so i can get lots of pleat.

There is a price to pay to be perfect. As for my salvation, Jesus Christ has paid the price, so i can be made perfect. I am a "already-but not yet" saint, sinner in the making and church is the hospital for sinners.

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