Thursday, 9 August 2007

Places to eat in London-Vietnamese

I am building a database of places to eat in London, to increase my satisfaction of a london host.

We used to go Shoreditch for vietnamese food, until we found this unnotice, unadvertised place.

Price are reasonable and most importantly, food is extremely good. We have been there few times, and we have recommended to friends, and they too agree with me.

Thanh Binh Vietnamese Restaurant
Address: 14 Chalk Farm Road, Camden
London NW1

It's after Camden Lock market, the same row as the Huge white rocking chair hanging on the wall , furniture shop, can't miss it.

Dishes that is good by my standard: #
1. Famous appetiser is their fried spring roll, vietnamese way, it's fried and brownish and crispy
2.Beef soup noodle, number 25 or 26 on the menu, can't rememebr exacly, the soup is homemade,but it's something that i can't make at home, not skillful enough
3. Dried beef noodle is good as well, thirty something on the menu
4. Fquid cake is good, much much better than those from chinese restaurant, it's real squid
5. Lamb mongolian style (don't ask me why it's on the menu) but it's good
6. Mixed seafood noodle is very unique

Oh the price... the friend spring oil is a bit pricey, £3 for two, the other soup noodles etc are reasonable, about £7

The photo of the food that we ordered can be viewed from at
Terrence website

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