Friday, 10 August 2007

Places to eat in London-Japanese Sashimi

Last night we went to meet a Singapore friend who works in Mayfair. So that's his territory. We wanted to go somewhere cheep and cheerful. He suggester Straits Restaurant for Peranakan food, budget about £10 per head.

Unfortunately, that restaurant has closed down for good.

So we went to a Japanese restaurant at Half moon street, near Japanese Embassy, name Kiku restaurant.

The ownder of the restaurant import Tuna sashimi into japan. So we had the famous Grade A, blue fin tuna sashimi. It tasted good, you can tell the difference, it melts in your mouth and it's tender. That is the place for tuna sashimi in London.

The unagi (eel) is especially good as well. It's my favourite and i have tried a couple of places. But yesterday, that unagi was fantastic.

Those two were the highlight of the food we had last night.

Price wise , to put into context, it;s in Mayfair. Lunch menu is not bad for pfice.Menu can be found here

To be fair, sashimi is expensive outside Japan, and it's not that cheap in Japan either. Fresh tuna fillet is £23. We had 5 slices last night for 3 of us.

Well, it's a one off for us. WE had other sushi, i was full , due to the rice i think.

Dessert wise, we had black sesame ice-cream, not on the menu. Homemade. It was alright, the one i had in Hong kong from 7 eleven was better. MOre black sesame in it.

Of course, needless to mention, the best sashimi is in Hokkaido. We had such a feast when we went there for our honeymoon last year. I need to dig out my photos and share with you people. When it comes to food.. i can't resist it ..So i married the right man, who love God and food and me. Ha

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