Friday, 17 August 2007

On Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a luxury, just like art. According to Iriny philosopy, art came about when the nation was well fed.They were rich, they didn't have to work that hard, they had time in their hands, so they start talking about paintings, music. They started to appreciate with is call "art", walking through art exhibition etc.
In contrast, a poor nation, when half the people are starving, and other half of the people having to work hard for theoir next meal, or pay mortgage,
a) they will not have the interest to talk about art, or appreciate art, when their stomach is asking for food, their interest is in earning the next meal
b) they will not even have any leisure time to sit down and look at paintings etc... every second is their opportunity to pay the bill
Same as job satisfaction
As far as i could remember, my dad never said anything about job satisfaction. All he knew was he had to work everyday to make sure his wife and children were comfortable, education paid for etc.
A job is all they need, because that job provides food and shelther for them. They are so grateful to even get a job, as that is the only way to secure their basic needs.
Job satisfaction to them? What's that? All i know is the job give me food and shelther, what job satisfaction?
People talk about job satisfaction because they no longer need to worry three meals, clothes and shelther. There is this chinese saying  : " those who had their meals yet nothing to do" will sit there and talk about job satisfaction.
Maybe it's a different generation we are talking about. The youth in my church don't know what is hunger, they get a £100 worth PS 2 just to play with, when i only had cheapskate 10 ringgit(= £1.50) jigsaw puzzle to play with when i was their age.
When a nation is well fed, they start to talk about choice and satisfaction.
Part of me want to scale down and console myself that my job is good, is providing all my basic and some luxury needs, so let's stop moaning about job satisfaction
Another part of me is not willing to give up to the philosophy that since i spent 1/3 to 2/3 of my life at work, with colleagues and doing tasks, it has to be something that i am passionate about and something i find meaningful. How can i waste my life and time this way? I only live once... don't i?
But for now,
A) in view of my current financial situation, i can't talk about job satisfaction now. I am in the "show me the money" stage.
B) nothing is secured in this life, except God, one day, i may be made redundant.
So, today,  i thank God sincerely for a job and the ability to give.

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