Thursday, 9 August 2007

Oil prices? or Malaysia?

This is ridiculous. I plan to go home end of this year, between November and December, so i checked out the air ticket.

So expensive.

The cheapest is Emirates, even that is £455, incld tax. Sounds alright, wait till you hear this: theh whole journey takes about 19 hours (if you are lucky), if not up to 21 hours.

I had my experience with Emirates, and so did Albert, before we knew each other. I didn't enjoy my flight with them, the journey was too long, including those couple hours in Dubai airport, with nothing much to do.

Direct flight with MAS takes only 12 hours, but cost up to £600 per person wor. That's £1200 for Albert and I.

Is it the oil prices ? or Malaysia not being a popular destination? The tax on MAS alone is £120, that explain the £600 incld tax fare for MAS.

Sad sad.

We are exploring the option of flying to hong kong with Oasis, then from HK to singapore for £299, then from singapore make my way to KL.

We'll see.

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