Wednesday, 8 August 2007

My third attempt to catergorise my life

I have tried different labels, but end up getting confused myself.. then sometimes i think, can i really categorise my life? Can i really label my blogs?

Well now i have come up with these few
1. Gastronomy : when i write about experience of tasting food
2. Philosophy : my own study of thinking about ideas, ideals in life, asking questions about truth, justice, my attempt for logics and ethis
3. Christianity : my quest in following Jesus christ, faith and doubt
4. Organisation psychology: my description of my colleagues, my struggles and frustration in my working life
5. Sociology: my description of my own society in London, my friend circles and interaction with them
6. Humanity: my observation of human nature, the beauty and the ugliness of human nature
7. Photography: my admiration of the world around me through artifical lens
8. Pharmacy : the only one thing that i spent the most of my time doing
9. Anthropology: the one i am interested in this category is studying of culture and history of human societies, in my context, korean

What do you think of my labels? Any better suggestion ?

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