Friday, 24 August 2007

My secondary school mates

From left: Shuwen, Yue siew, Iriny, Andrew-happiest man on earth, proposed to Angela, Trina

Andrew graced us with his stop over yesterday at london. We congratulated his engagement with Angela. In fact, i want to thank him for marrying Angela. Why? because they have been going our for the past 8 years, and i like to see happy ending.

Trina, Shu, Siew, and Andrew met at Naha, a malaysian restaurant. We were chatting awat, Andrew, as usual with his mega Hertz (loud) laughter. He and Stuart asked me why i married Albert. I said : " i don't have any reason not to"

An hour later, Yue siew arrived. Yue Siew asked him why did he marry Angela. He answered :" no reason not to" . Aiya, quote my words ah. Just so happy for them. They are one of the couples where everyone in high school know, although they started going out only after we graduated. Still i am glad.

The rest of the night was just like old times. Being together, laughing away and saying silly things, knowing that none of us will be offended is just a joy. It feels like we are still in secondary school days again. We just joked about all those "saman" the monetary gifts for attending wedding, and us not giving any gift to him and just turn up.Also we checked out what's the menu like before we "price" our monetary gifts. =P It was just bliss. Nothing beats the company of old school friends.

We also talked about what we want to do with our lives, job, and my dearest siew and Shu tried their best to dissect my talents and looking at avenues where i can best use them. I don't mind going out all and pursue it, if only i know what is that "it-the dream" is.

I seriously admire those who have found their place and is leaving a mark. I am still in my searching phase. Siew suggested since i love food so much , and my taste buds are quite sensitive, i should work for some tv programme, going around tasting food and commenting on them.

Well i don't mind that, but i need to start somewhere.Well it doesn't matter, we just had our brain storm session.

We all had a good time. I look forward to the grand reunion in heaven.

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